Rebuilt Puffco Atomizer Pre Sale Combo

Rebuilt Puffco Atomizer Pre Sale Combo

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This is a re-built, legitimately sourced, never been used, Puffco Peak atomizer. We take out the heating element in the original, and replace it with a beefed up heating element. The heating dish and wires are thicker. With a firmer build and beefed up connections, there is no fear for breaking your atomizer via swabbing. Notice the experience is slightly warmer for a fuller hit. Puffco does not warranty this rebuilt atomizer; ours will be easily identifiable as being different to support their ability to refute claims.



* 1 V2 Atomizer

* 1 Pack of Peak Pearls

* 1 Banger Adapter

* 1 Peak Cap Pivot Hinge

2-5  weeks away from atomizer release [ 4/8/2019]