Rebuilt Puffco Peak Atomizer  PRESALE

Rebuilt Puffco Peak Atomizer PRESALE

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This is a re-built, legitimately sourced, never been used, Puffco Peak atomizer. We take out the heating element in the original, and replace it with a beefed up heating element. The heating dish and wires are thicker. With a firmer build and beefed up connections, there is no fear for breaking your atomizer via swabbing. Notice the experience is slightly warmer for a fuller hit. Puffco does not warranty this rebuilt atomizer; ours will be easily identifiable as being different to support their ability to refute claims. Will include one beefed up replacement ceramic heater. Don't imagine you'd need it, but it never hurts to have a spare. 

2-8  weeks away from release [ 4/4/2019]